The AAPRP Medical Review Board is comprised of multi-specialty physicians who are experienced in boxing medicine.  The board will review medical issues on a case by case basis and render opinions only.  The opinions offered are intended to provide information to individuals in the boxing community and in no way should supplant the physician-patient relationship or medical examination. Individuals seeking a medical opinion from this board should always seek the advice of a physician or other health care provider for any specific questions or issues you may have pertaining to a specific medical condition or complaint.  In addition, decisions and opinions of this board are not binding in any jurisdiction unless directed by that specific a specific commission of agency.  To make an inquiry to the board or for further information, please contact our home office via e-mail, phone or letter.

Current Members:                                                   Specialty:

Dr. Adam Brunson                                                     Sports Medicine

Dr. Robert Cantu                                                      Neurology/Neurosurgery

Dr. Domenic Coletta                                                 Emergency/Anesthesia

Dr. Brian Conroy                                                       Orthopedics

Dr. Rodolfo Eichberg                                                Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Joseph Estwanik                                                 Orthopedics

Dr. Allan Fields                                                         Surgery

Dr. Joseph Herrera                                                   Sports Medicine

Dr. Brad Herskowitz                                                  Neurology/Neurosurgery

Dr. Barry Jordan                                                       Neurology/Neurosurgery

Dr. Ronald Kamm                                                      Psychiatry

Dr. Carlos Latimer                                                    Gastroenterology

Dr. William Lathan                                                    Internal Medicine/Family Practice

Dr. Larry Lovelace                                                    Emergency/Anesthesia

Dr. John Schneider                                                   Orthopedics

Dr. John Stiller                                                         Neurology/Neurosurgery

Dr. Patrick Sullivan                                                   Emergency/Anesthesia

Dr. Gerald Varlotta                                                   Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Robert Voy                                                         Sports Medicine

Dr. Arthur Zacco                                                       Internal Medicine/Family Practice